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We publish original peer-reviewed studies, editions, and unified collections (e.g. a lifetime's collection of essays on a single author) at a competitive price, designed to appeal both to libraries and to scholars who now find printed books prohibitive. We also publish 'reprints' of sought-after editions, monographs and collections (usually, but not necessarily, revised) in which copyright has formally reverted to the author (we use 'monographs' in the broad sense of the term, i.e. studies of a unified topic by a single hand.) Recent contracts will usually preclude such action unless you or your agent insisted on amending the standard contract. But you may still have the right to request a new edition, and to take it elsewhere if the original publisher declines.

Monograph Series

Each series of Humanities-Ebooks monographs will make a contribution to scholarship in a particular field of research, as defined by the General Editor(s), and will be edited to the highest standards. It will be the aim of the publisher and of the editors jointly to ensure that the monographs achieve a standing equivalent to the products of conventional publishing houses, while offering considerable advantages in terms of affordability, availability, searchability, and portability.

Contemporary American Literature

General Editors:
Aliki Varvogli (University of Dundee, UK)
Chris Gair (University of Glasgow, UK)

The editors invite proposals for e-book monographs to be included in a new series of approaches to American literature since 1970. Proposals may include:

  • Genre or theme-based studies of contemporary American writing (e.g. immigration and/or emigration narratives, new journalism, neo-slave narratives, travel writing, the short story, crime fiction, science fiction and fantasy writing)
  • Theoretical studies of contemporary American literature (e.g. approaches based on gender studies, circum-Atlanticism, environmentalism, postmodernism, race, ethnicity, class)
  • Critical studies of significant novelists, poets, dramatists, and other artists in relation to contemporary American culture

Proposals, should be made simultaneously to: and

Genre Fiction Monographs

Genre Fiction Monographs is open to proposals for scholarly or critical work, at extended essay (c. 12,000 to 25,000 words) or book length, on the authors and works covered by Genre Fiction Sightlines.

Volumes of essays, whether monographic or edited, may be proposed. Proposals on crime, science fiction and children's writing will be particularly welcome, but the listing is not exclusive. Studies of the collisions between crime, SF, and children's writing are also strongly invited.

Terms of Service

For more information about what we do and how we do it, please read our terms & conditions page for a full service breakdown.

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