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Book proposals may be made by email attachment. Proposals for full length books should include a table of contents, a chapter by chapter outline, and a description of the purpose of the work, its intended audience, and how it compares to existing work in the field. You are welcome to provide any feedback you have already received regarding your project, as well as a sample chapter. For the appropriate addressee please see our Contact Us page.

Once a proposal is provisionally accepted, the entire text should be submitted for peer review. Before or after peer review, your book should be restyled in accordance with the HE Template (available from ) which includes ready-made styles for Name, Chapter Heads, Footnote Reference, Footnote Text, Subheads, Poetry Quotations, Prose Quotations, Free Verse, etc. and is available in several versions. To facilitate the production process, all work accepted for publication on a profit sharing basis must be submitted using a version of this template, and in accordance with the HE Style Sheet (also available from ).

Humanities-Ebooks cannot provide a free sub-editing process for works other than Humanities Insights. Authors may decide to employ an experienced sub-editor to check the text for inconsistencies, typographical errors, missing references, and so forth, and to query clarity and usage. If they prefer, however, they may submit their work with a sub-editing fee of £100, which will be passed to a free-lance sub-editors If we have arranged the sub-editing, the files will then be returned to the author to approve and incorporate any corrections. We will then convert the corrected work into a finished Ebook. The Ebook will be emailed to authors to be printed and proof-read. Only corrected pages need be returned for final processing and encryption.

Because of the excellent search facility incorporated in Ebooks, a full index of names, works, and places, is not strictly necessary. However, you may wish to include a list of Indicative Search Terms and a brief Conceptual Index (with page references added at proof stage).

Authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions for use of quoted material (which is likely to include any poetry) or illustrations, and for making payments for those permissions. If you are in doubt as to what will need permission, there is useful summary on the website of the Society of Authors: www.societyofauthors.net. The work will not be published until such permissions have been cleared. Illustrations must be provided in economical electronic form (normally in the form of separate gif or jpeg files).

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For more information about what we do and how we do it, please read our terms & conditions page for a full service breakdown.

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