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General Editor: Professor Mark Addis, Professor of Philosophy, Birmingham City University:

Proposals for Philosophy Insights titles are welcome in several broad categories:

Thinkers, such as Hume, Sartre; Texts, such as Descartes Meditations, Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil; Periods, such as Seventeenth Century British Empiricism, 20th century Analytic Philosophy; Areas, such as Ethics, Philosophy of Mind; Interdisciplinary Studies, such as Postmodernism, Derrida.

Philosophy Insights Guidelines

Each Insight must give a clear introduction to the thinker, text, period or area under consideration. The guides offer an authoritative, accessible, and thought provoking treatment of major philosophical positions and questions, addressing key issues of interpretation. The books provide lucid presentations of complex issues so that readers who wish to actively engage with philosophical questions for themselves have necessary guidance to do this profitably. Exposition and explanation predominate over criticism. Each work will be about 25-30,000 words in length.

Guides to Thinkers will have an introductory chapter on life, times, and intellectual concerns of the individual. The largest section will supply a careful account of the person's thought and work. They will conclude with a chapter on the legacy and continuing influence of the thinker, which should partly outline critical responses.

Books devoted to Texts will provide a close reading of the philosophical work, which indicates the major interpretative disputes. They will contain an exposition and critical discussion of the ideas presented in the text, and a discussion of the place and significance of the work in the history of philosophy and contemporary debate will be supplied.

Insights concerning Periods will contain a survey identifying the principal intellectual developments of the time and sections covering major themes. In this case a Chronology (as an appendix) and / or brief individual biographies might be useful.

Those dealing with Areas will offer a comprehensive presentation of the central themes in each field, elucidating the main ideas, arguments and counter arguments, and devoting sections to principal topics.

Interdisciplinary titles will approach the thinker or the area in a manner appropriate to a combination of disciplines so as to be of value to students of philosophy, literature and (possibly) cultural studies.

All Philosophy Insights will contain an annotated bibliography of further reading, which should normally offer some critical comment on important books and source collections. It should normally not be longer than two pages and include no more than 25 key items. It is unlikely that the undergraduate and sixth-form market we are aiming at would require more.

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