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General Editor: Dr Charles Moseley
Fellow and Director of Studies in English, Hughes Hall, Cambridge
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Proposals are invited in all areas of English and American Literature, focusing on individual longer works and appropriate selections of shorter works.

Literature Insights Guidelines

Each Literature Insights title aims to leave the reader with a sense both of the cultural and historical context of the work and also of its richness. While readers will be alerted to its various strands of significance, they will be left with a sense of the interpretive decisions, valuations and aesthetic responses that they still have to make. Each title will be approximately 25,000 to 30,000 words in length and will include, in the order and with the balance appropriate to the work discussed:

  1. An overview of the writer's life, times, and thematic preoccupations. Suggested length: 5000 words.

  2. A thorough account of the author's literary strategies, and where applicable his or her theories about what he or she was doing in writing the work. This account will include all of his or her theses and adages concerning his or her art, and some account of conspicuous literary and cultural alignments (schools, movements, formative collaborations). Suggested length: up to 5000 words.

  3. A close reading of the work in question, stressing literary strategies, cruces of interpretation, and the hermeneutic issues that arise in the reading experience. Each work discussed will of course suggest a different way of handling this, the longest section of the book. But this section ought to cover the work methodically, and emphasise what the reader or audience is being invited to do at each point in the encounter with the work. Suggested length: about 12-15,000 words.

  4. An introduction to and appraisal of the most influential critical accounts of, and approaches to, the writer and the work. This should be selective and may be as engaged as you like to make it. It should introduce only those critical accounts and methodologies that have had (or in your view ought to have had) a significant impact on reception. Suggested length: more than 5000 words.

  5. A select annotated bibliography of, say, ten to twelve groundbreaking studies and any important films, recordings or other materials.

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