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Humanities Insights is a pedagogical series in English, History and Philosophy, addressed to (a) college students, (b) sixth formers and their teachers. Over 100 Insights titles are now either under contract or reserved. Contributors are expected to write introductory studies that they would happily recommend to their own students, and would expect other academics to recommend to theirs.

In place of summaries, model answers, and notes of a kind found in teaching editions, they offer a stimulating, suggestive, yet authoritative introduction to matters of debate and interpretation. It is characteristic of this series that each title will raise rather more questions than it answers, and will set readers thinking about questions before suggesting how they might be answered. Humanities Insights and Genre Fiction Sightlines offer stimulating, non-formulaic introductions to topics and issues in Literature, History, Philosophy, and Genre Fiction. They are designed to appeal to sixth formers, schoolteachers and undergraduates by sharing the writer's intellectual fascination with, expertise in, and enthusiasm for, the topic under debate.

They are typically 25,000~30,000 words and modestly priced (at around £3.50/£5.00). They are written in a lucid, reader-friendly style, in which a graduate level of reading competence is not assumed (jargon should be avoided or glossed; allusions made self-explanatory; and technical terms defined as they appear). They appeal to those who can and do read for themselves, and who do not want utilitarian text summaries or model answers, but who desire to be stimulated by a more challenging and dialogic approach, introducing textual strategies, hermeneutic issues and contemporary debate in a lively and expert manner. Writing for this series is an opportunity for experts to crystallise the ideas they have found most productive of engagement, debate and insight in the teaching environment.

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