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Genre Fiction

Living with Genre Fiction. 
Chapter 1 of John Lennard’s Of Modern Dragons: Essays on Genre Fiction

From Hornblower to Sharpe: a Bibliography.
This expert 50 page bibliography from Lennard’s Of Sex and Faerie gives an eye-opening survey of the world of serial military fiction.

History Insights

Motives of the Holocaust.
Chapter Three of Martyn Housden’s History Insight, The Holocaust: Events, Motives and Legacy.

Literature insights

Education of a Playwright.
Chapter 1 of Michael Hattaway’s Literature Insight onWilliam Shakespeare: Richard II.

Elizabethan Theatres.
Chapters 1 and 2 of C W R D Moseleys’s Literature insight on English Renaissance Drama including some of the 100 pages of hyperlinked material in the full book.

Life and Times of G. M. Hopkins.
Part 1 of John Gilroy’s Literature Insight on Gerard Manley Hopkins: Selected Poems

Philosophy Insights

Critical Thinking: the Basics.
From Chapter 1 of Timothy Crews-Anderson’s Philosophy Insight on Critical Thinking and informal Logic

Psychoanalysis of Society.
Chapter 1 of Bjerre and Laustsen’s Philosophy  Insight on Slavoj Zizek’s Political Philosophy

Nineteenth-Century Literature

Cornell Wordsworth Reading Texts Addendum.
This free addendum to the 3-volume edition of Wordsworth's poetry contains 118 pages of additional poetry, and a 40-page index to all three volumes of the edition.

Introduction_Master Narratives.
The Introduction to Master Narratives: Tellers and Telling in the Nineteenth Century Novel

Introduction_The Coleridge Connection.
The Introduction to The Coleridge Connection: Essays for Thomas McFarland

Wordsworth’s Preface to The  Borderers.
From the HEB edition of Owen and Smyser’s The Prose Works of William Wordsworth

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