'Mathilda: who knew too much'. From Master Narratives, 2nd edition, 2007

Author: Burwick, Frederick


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First published in Master Narratives: Tellers and Telling in the English Novel, a memorial volume for Bill Ruddick, Ashgate, 2003. This micro-ebook is extracted from the electronic edition by Humanities-Ebooks, 2007.

Topics and Keywords:

Mary Shelley; William Godwin; incest; narrative, Frankenstein, Paradise Lost, Goethe's Werther, Plutarch's Lives, Brockden Brown, Arthur Mervyn, father-daughter incest, John Fletcher's The Captaine, Vittorio Alfieri's Myrrha,

Note: the complete ebook of Master Narratives is also available at £12.00 with proceeds donated to Oxfam. To find this book see Essay Collections.

About the author

Frederick Burwick is Professor Emeritus at UCLA, founding editor of European Romantic Review, and a prolific scholar of Comparative Romanticism

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'Mathilda: who knew too much'. From Master Narratives, 2nd edition, 2007

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