'Coleridge and the Unitarian Consensus'. From The Coleridge Connection, 2nd edition, 2007

Author: Piper, H W


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First published in The Coleridge Connection: Essays for Thomas McFarland, 1990. This micro-ebook is extracted from the revised electronic edition, Humanities-Ebooks, 2007.

Essay Topics and Keywords

Coleridge; Unitarianism; Lectures on Revealed Religion; William Frend; English Presbyterians; Joseph Priestley; Matter and Spirit; Andrew Baxter, The Immateriality of the Soul; the Second Coming; Pantisocracy; Religious Musings; Thomas Wedgwood; William Hazlitt; John Prior Estlin

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About the author

Professor Piper was best known for his classic study of Pantheism, The Active Universe and for The Singing of Mount Abora, a study of Coleridge's use of Biblical Imagery.

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'Coleridge and the Unitarian Consensus'. From The Coleridge Connection, 2nd edition, 2007

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