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This guide will provide students and indeed general readers with the necessary background for an understanding of Plato's philosophy in both ancient and contemporary contexts.
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Chapter 1: Life and Times discusses Plato's early development in the context of Athenian politics, his love of poetry, and turn to philosophy. Chapter 2: Intellectual Background examines earlier philosophers who influenced Plato, notably Parmenides, Heraclitus, the Pythagoreans, and Socrates. Chapter 3: The Dialogues provides information on chronology and development of the Dialogues, and examines ancient and contemporary approaches to their interpretation. Chapter 4: Other Platonic Productions deals with works of questionable or spurious attribution, and the Unwritten Doctrines. Chapter 5: The Forms is an exposition of Plato's most famous and controversial doctrine. Chapter 6: God and the Soul concludes with Plato's theology and psychology, with an emphasis on government and the state.

About the author

Edward Moore is Executive Editor of Theandros: An Online Journal of Orthodox Christian Theology and Philosophy (, and serves as Dean of the Philosophy Department, St. Elias School of Orthodox Theology (Nebraska). His published works include studies of Origen of Alexandria, St. Maximus the Confessor, Plotinus, Gnosticism, and Plato.


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