Wordsworth's Political Writings

Author: Owen, W J B and J W Smyser (eds)


978-1-84760-064-6 428 pages; PDF file 2.25MB Printing permitted; copying disabled.

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A reading edition (with Owen and Smyser's expert commentary) of Wordsworth's four main works of political prose.
Three Formats: PDF (recommended), ePub and mobi (with limitations).

This searchable reading text of the four main political texts produced by William Wordsworth will enable readers to follow the political peregrinations of a major poet who, as he said to an American visitor, gave twelve hours thought to social questions for each hour he devoted to poetry.

It includes the Jacobin A Letter to the Bishop of Llandaff (1793), infused with the doctrines of Tom Paine; the liberal republican 'prose poem' Concerning the Convention of Cintra (1809), the Tory apologetics of Two Addresses to the Freeholders of Westmoreland (1818), and the welfare-state philosophy of the 1835 Postscript in which Wordsworth married the Coleridgean concept of a society leavened by its 'clerisy' to a devastating critique of laissez-faire 'political economy'. These works are dispersed through all three volumes of The Prose Works.

The edition lacks the textual notes included in our edition of the Prose Works (Volume 1), but retains all of the invaluable commentary by Professors Owen and Smyser. Whereas in the Clarendon text the commentary is remote from Wordsworth's text, in this ebook and paperback almost all of the commentary has been converted to footnotes, page by page, a few longer passages being presented as appendices or 'excursus notes'.

The result is a uniquely readable edition of Wordsworth's remarkable political oeuvre in prose.

About the author

W. J. B. Owen's scholarly work includes his Preface to the Lyrical Ballads (1957), Wordsworth as Critic (1969), Wordsworth's Literary Criticism (1974) and his edition of The Fourteen-Book Prelude for the Cornell Wordsworth (1985). Jane Worthington Smyser is best known for her Wordsworth's Reading of Roman Prose (1946).

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Wordsworth's Political Writings

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