William Wordsworth: Concerning The Convention of Cintra

Author: Owen, W J B and Richard Gravil


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A bicentennial electronic edition of Wordsworth's impassioned 'pamphlet' on The Convention of Cintra, offering the Clarendon text, as edited by W J B Owen, together with a lively critical symposium by some leading Wordsworth scholars.
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In 1808 Sir Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) inflicted a major defeat on Napoleon's forces at the battle of Vimiero, but promptly signed an armistice and convention (negotiated by Sir Hew Dalrymple with General Junot). The Convention permitted the evacuation of the latter's defeated army from Portugal to Bayonne - along with its equipment and its plunder. The event was regarded by the people of Britain (government ministers excepted) as a betrayal of Britain's allies, Portugal and Spain. Some of the troops repatriated under this agreement fought against Sir John Moore's expeditionary force the following year, forcing his evacuation from northern Spain.

Lord Byron wrote: "Here Folly dash'd to earth the victor's plume, / And Policy regain'd what arms had lost" (the Policy being General Junot's, and the Folly General Dalrymple's).

Wordsworth's book-length 'pamphlet' on the betrayal of the Iberian patriots by Britain's officer class is one of the most remarkable political documents produced by a Romantic poet. Here W J B Owen's 1968 edition is republished for the bicentennial, with a critical symposium by Simon Bainbridge, David Bromwich, Timothy Michael and Patrick Vincent and an introduction by Richard Gravil.

The text of the Cintra in this edition is identical to that used in our edition of The Prose Works of William Wordsworth, Volume 1.

About the author

W. J. B. Owen's scholarly work includes his Preface to the Lyrical Ballads (1957), Wordsworth as Critic (1969), Wordsworth's Literary Criticism (1974) and his edition of The Fourteen-Book Prelude for the Cornell Wordsworth (1985). His many essays on Wordsworth's The Prelude are collected by Humanities-Ebooks under the title Understanding 'The Prelude'. Richard Gravil is author of Wordsworth's Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 and Director of the Wordsworth Summer Conference.

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William Wordsworth: Concerning The Convention of Cintra

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