The Poems of William Wordsworth Volume 3

Author: Curtis, Jared


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This magnificent edition of The Poems of William Wordsworth presents Wordsworth's verse in reading texts chosen from those offered in the twenty-one volumes of the Cornell Wordsworth. The edition is also available in three handsome paperbacks which have no rival as the most enjoyable way to read a truly Collected Wordsworth in the latest scholarly texts.  
The 78-page Sample Ebook is identical for all three voumes and includes the 'Ode: Intimations of Immortality', 300 lines from the 1805 Prelude, and some late sonnets, together with the 43-page Complete Index to all three volumes. In PDF and paperback only.

Here is the poetry in the form the poet gave it when first completed, either in its manuscript state or in a published book. Each volume includes Wordsworth's own notes published with his poems during his lifetime and a few editorial explanations where appropriate.

In the third volume are the shorter poems composed between 1807 and 1820, the fourteen-book Prelude, all eight sonnet series, including The River Duddon, Ecclesiastical Sketches. Yarrow Revisited, and Other Poems, poems from Scotland and Italy in 1833 and 1837, and Last Poems: 1821 - 1850.

In many ways this is the most rewarding volume of the Poems, revealing the forgotten variety of Wordsworth's later work alongside the full text of the 1850 Prelude.

About the author

Jared Curtis, Professor Emeritus of English at Simon Fraser University, is the editor of "Poems, in Two Volumes" and Other Poems, 1800““1807, Last Poems, 1821““1850, and co-editor with Carol Landon of Early Poems and Fragments, 1785““1797, all in the Cornell Wordsworth. He is the editor of William Wordsworth's Fenwick Notes and The Poems of William Wordsworth: The Collected Reading Texts from the Cornell Wordsworth (in 3 vols.), all published by Humanities Ebooks. He is also the Coordinating Editor of the Cornell series of editions of Yeats' manuscripts and is the editor of two plays, The Land of Heart's Desire and Sophocles' Oedipus at Colonus, and a co-editor with Richard J. Finneran and Ann Saddlemyer of The Tower (1928), all in the Cornell Yeats.

Other Formats

SEE ALSO THE ONE-VOLUME PDF EDITION AT £48.50 which contains a new ADDENDUM with an additional 118 pages of poetry. The Addendum is also available for FREE download from our 'free-ebooks' page, for the convenience of purchasers of the printed volumes.

A Library PDF ebook from Ebrary, EBSCO and

A paperback ISBN 978-1-84760-091-2. The handsome paperbacks of these volumes are now available from IngramSpark and printed by Lightningsource at only £28 per volume. Purchasers in the UK or US who have difficulty ordering these through booksllers can order directly from richardgravil[at], to be shipped by Ingram, making payment through Paypal.


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The Poems of William Wordsworth Volume 3

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