The Fenwick Notes of William Wordsworth

Author: Curtis, Jared


ISBN 978-1-84760-004-2 PDC file size 2.8 mb. Pp 430. One printing permitted, copying disabled.

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A revised and corrected edition of an indispensable reference work for all Romantic scholars.
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First published in 1993 by Bristol Classical Press and newly corrected by Jared Curtis, the electronic edition of the long unobtainable Fenwick Notes presents one page of manuscript per page of the edition, with textual notes at the foot of each page and hyperlinked & bookmarked editorial commentary.

It has revised general and textual introductions, a glossary, and an index / list of search terms.

Its searchability opens up new ways of exploring the Wordsworths” relationship to their environment and culture.


About the author

Jared Curtis is Professor Emeritus of English at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Washington. He has edited William Wordsworth's Poems, in Two Volumes, 1800-1807, Last Poems, 1821-1850, assisted by April Lea Denny-Ferris and Jillian Heydt-Stevenson, and, with Carol Landon, coedited Early Poems and Fragments, 1785-1797 all in the Cornell Wordsworth series. He has also edited W. B. Yeats's "The Land of Hearts Desire," Manuscript Materials for the Cornell Yeats series.


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The Fenwick Notes of William Wordsworth

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This is Wordsworth on Wordsworth: one of the most cited books in Wordsworth studies

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