The Coleridge Connection: Essays for Thomas McFarland

Author: Gravil, Richard and Molly Lefebure


ISBN: 978-1-84760-007-3 319 pages, 2.1 megabytes Licence: printing allowed, copying disabled

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A volume of essays, first published in 1990, written by a team of well-known Romanticists to celebrate the work of the great Coleridge scholar, Thomas McFarland.
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The Sample Pages contain the complete introduction to this collection


1 Richard Gravil, Introduction and Orientation.
Part One: The Sometime Jacobin?
2 Ian Wylie, Coleridge and the Lunaticks;
3 Nicola Trott, The Coleridge Circle and the “˜Answer to Godwin”
4 Nicholas Roe, Coleridge and John Thelwall: the Road to Nether Stowey.
Part Two: Friend and Ventriloquist.
5 Molly Lefebure, Humphry Davy: Philosophic Alchemist;
6 Grevel Lindop, Lamb, Hazlitt and De Quincey;
7 Tim Fulford, Coleridge and J. H. Green: The Anatomy of Beauty.
Part Three: The German Connection.
8 James Engell, Coleridge and German Idealism: First Postulates, Final Causes;
9 Frederick Burwick, Coleridge and Schelling on Mimesis;
10 E. S. Shaffer, The Hermeneutic Community: Coleridge and Schleiermacher.
Part Four: The American Connection.
11 Anthony John Harding, Coleridge and Transcendentalism;
12 Jonathan Bate, Edgar Allan Poe: A Debt Repaid.
Part Five: Sage and Evangelist.
13 H. W. Piper, Coleridge and the Unitarian Consensus;
14 Robert Barth SJ, Coleridge and the Church of England;
15 John Beer, Transatlantic and Scottish Connections: Uncollected Records; Select Bibliography: Revised and Updated. Search Terms

Note: proceeds from the sale of this Ebook are donated to Oxfam. The Introduction is available for free download. All except chapter 3 may be bought separately as Micro-Ebooks. To find these, please search on individual essayists” names.

About the author

Richard Gravil is author of Wordsworth's Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 (2003) and editor (with Nicholas Roe and Lucy Newlyn) of Coleridge's Imagination (1985). Molly Lefebure's books include Cumbrian Heritage (1970), Samuel Taylor Coleridge: the Bondage of Opium (1974), Cumbrian Discovery (1977), Thomas Hardy's World (1997).


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The Coleridge Connection: Essays for Thomas McFarland

Review Comment

The volume's real strength lies in its connecting thread. Given the range and diversity of its contributors, the volume is remarkably homogeneous. It makes an authoritative contribution to Coleridge studies and is a fitting tribute to Thomas McFarland who first put the idea of creative 'symbiosis' on the map. --Lucy Newlyn.

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