Reading Dickens's Bleak House

Author: Gravil, Richard


PDF ebook, 2.4 megabytes, 129 pages. Also ePub and Mobi.

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A Literature Insight on one of the supreme achievements of Victorian fiction, stressing the experimentalism of the dual narrative and its liberal feminist implications. Three formats: PDF, ePub, Mobi.

This work begins with a general introduction to Dickens in the context of his times, stressing the public themes of the novel and the experimental aspects of its trechnique. It looks at such characters as Sir Leicester and Lady Dedlcok, Harold Skimpole, Inspector Bucket, Chadband, Mrs Jellyby, Miss Flte, Tulkinghorn, Krook, the Smallweed family, Richard Carstone and Ada Clare (the Wards in Jarndyce) and aspects of Dickens's characterization. It dscusses the pleasures of serial reading; gives a detailed analysis of several key passages; explores Dickens's craft and the status of this novel as an experimental fiction; considers how Dickens related to 'the woman question', and the importance of Esther Summerson in this connection, and concludes with a survey of critical reception of what may be Dickens's greatest novel. 

About the author

Richard Gravil is the author of three monographs, Romantic Dialogues: Anglo-American Continuities, 1776–1862 (St Martin’s Press, 2000), Wordsworth’s Bardic Vocation 1787–1842 (Palgrave, 2003), and Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility (Humanities-Ebooks, 2008), and of Literature Insights on Elizabeth Gaskell: Mary Barton and Wordsworth: Lyrical Ballads.
He has edited or co-edited Master Narratives: Tellers and Telling in the English Novel (Ashgate, 2001), collections of essays on Swift and Wordsworth, and two such collections on Coleridge, Coleridge’s Imagination (with Nicholas Roe and Lucy Newlyn, 1985) and The Coleridge Connection (with Molly Lefebure, 1990). He is currently editing The Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth with Daniel Robinson (scheduled for publication in 2014).
He is Commissioning Editor of Humanities-Ebooks, LLP; Chairman of the Wordsworth Conference Foundation (a charitable company), and Director of the Wordsworth Winter School.

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Reading Dickens's Bleak House

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