Grasmere 2011: Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference

Author: Gravil, Richard


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Fourteen Lectures and Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference 2011

Each year at the Wordsworth Summer Conference, participants advise on the selection of lectures and papers for publication in either a Humanities-Ebooks selection, or an issue of The Wordsworth Circle, or both.

This compilation includes Stephen Gill on Wordsworth's 'revisitings', Ann Wroe on Shelley's famous pamphlet, 'The Necessity of Atheism', Mary Favret on the cultural practice of 'The General Fast and Humiliation' in war-time, Gregory Leadbetter on Wordsworth's 'Lucy Poems', Daniel Robinson on Wordsworth's sonnets and newspaper verse, Mark J Bruhn and Jacob Risinger on aspects of Wordsworths's thought, Jessica Fay on Wordsworth and hermitude, Matthew Rowney on Wordsworth's peripatetics, Madeleine Callaghan on Shelley's Idealism, Monika Class on Coleridge and the once reputable 'science' of Phrenology, Stacey McDowell on Keats's play 'Otho the Great', Felicity James on Mary Hays and the life-writing of religious Dissent, and Richard Gravil on John Thelwall's hitherto unknown analysis of the prosody of Wordsworth's Excursion.

About the author

The compiler of this collection is the author of Wordsworth's Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 (Palgrave 2003) and of Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility (available from this site). He is Secretary of the Wordsworth Conference Foundation and Director of the Wordsworth Winter School. He is now co-editing, with Daniel Robinson, the Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth, a collection of 49 orginal essays scheduled for publication in 2014.

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Grasmere 2011: Selected Papers from the Wordsworth Summer Conference

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