Grasmere 2010

Author: Gravil, Richard


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A selection of keynote lectures and short papers from the 40th Anniversary Wordsworth Summer Conference


  1. Simon Bainbridge, ‘The Power of Hills’: Romantic Mountaineering
  2. Peter Spratley, Wordsworth’s Walking Aesthetic
  3. Gary Harrison, The Poetics of Acknowledgment: John Clare
  4. James Castell, The Society of Birds in Home at Grasmere
  5. Nahoko Miyamoto Alvey, ‘Kubla Khan’ and Orientalism: The Roads to and from Xanadu
  6. Saeko Yoshikawa, Wordsworth in the Guides
  7. Daniel Robinson, Mary Robinson and the Della Crusca Network
  8. Erica McAlpine, Keats’s Might: Subjunctive Verbs in the Late Poems
  9. Fay Yao, ‘Old Romance’ and New Narrators: A Reading of Keats’s ‘Isabella’ and ‘The Eve of St Agnes’
  10. Anthony John Harding, The Fate of Reading in the Regency
  11. Ken Johnston, Wordsworth at Forty: Memoirs of a Lost Generation
  12. Richard Gravil, Is The Excursion a ‘metrical Novel?’
  13. Seamus Perry, Wordsworth’s Pluralism

About the author

Richard Gravil is Secretary of the Wordsworth Conference Foundation and Director of the Summer Conference 2007-2010, and of the Wordsworth Winter School. He is author of Romantic Dialogues: Anglo-American Continuities, 1776-1862 (2000), of Wordsworth's Bardic Vocation, 1787-1842 (2003), and of Wordsworth and Helen Maria Williams; or, the Perils of Sensibility (2010). Hehas edited or co-edited nine books, including collections of essays on Coleridge, Swift, Wordsworth, Anglo-American Poetry and Nineteenth Century Fiction.

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Grasmere 2010

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