Grasmere 2009

Author: Gravil, Richard


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A selection of keynote lectures and conference papers from the prestigious 2009 Wordsworth Summer Conference

The keynote lectures in this collection are those by Dame Gillian Beer on Darwin and Romanticism, Richard Cronin on Wordsworth and the Periodical Press, Paul H. Fry on Wordsworth, Coleridge and the topos of Labour, Claire Lamont on the Romantic Cottage, and Nicholas Roe on Keats and the Elgin marbles (with five illustrations).

In the conference papers, Jamie Baxendine writes on Intimations, James Castell on Peter Bell, Lexi Drayton on the Gypsy figure in Tintern Abbey and associated poems and painting, Mark Sandy on 'the circulation of grief', Chris Simons on Wordsworth and his patrons, Emily Stanback on medical taxonomy, Heidi Thomson on Sara Coleridge's editing of Biographia Literaria, and Saeko Yoshikawa on Sara Hutchinson (the younger)'s Journals of 1850.

About the author

Richard Gravil is Secretary of the Wordsworth Conference Foundation and Director of the Wordsworth Winter School

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Grasmere 2009

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