Thinking Ethically in Business

Author: Dwyer, Sandra L.


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This best-selling study guide and philosophy text book explores connecting avenues of professional responsibility, management theory and traditional ethics, and encourages an understanding of the reasons for thinking ethically in business contexts.
Three formats: PDF (strongly recommended) but also in ePub and Mobi.


Chapter 1, Professional Responsibilitiesintroduces business concepts like standards of practice, types of commitments and conflict resolution. Chapter 2, Stockholder Management Theory, explains the theory that dominated Western business practice during the latter half of the twentieth century, raising ethical questions about the possible consequences of key concepts like maximization of stockholder profits. Chapter 3, Stakeholder Management Theory, emphasizes the importance of questioning who benefits from (or who is harmed by) business practices, including discussion of the meaning of stakeholder, corporate social responsibility and transparency. Chapter 4, Critical Thinking in Business, elucidates ways in which grasping the fundamentals of argument encourages better decision making in business, including discussion of types of claims, types of arguments and common fallacies. Chapter 5, Ethics and Business Decisions, argues that an acquaintance with classical ethical theories can sharpen decision making acumen and promote the development of judgment. Appendices include works cited, other resources, a sample decision tree, a list of selected occupations whose professional status has altered over time, and an list of selected key terms indexed to the book's sections.

About the author

Sandra L. Dwyer, Ph.D. is Lecturer in the department of philosophy at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. She coordinates graduate student teachers who teach critical thinking and business ethics for the departments of philosophy and religious studies.

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Thinking Ethically in Business

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