Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

Author: Duncan, Steven


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Among the questions that have exercised philosophers of the last sixty years, that of the existence of God has been one of the most hotly contested. That question is the subject of this study guide.
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1. What is the Philosophy of Religion?Three Competing Paradigms in Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

2. Deductivism (Neo-Thomism, Analytic Philosophy, Analytic Atheism and the Meaningfulness of Religious Language, Atheistic Deductivism)

3. Inductivism (Mitchell's Inductivist Proposal, Swinburne's Bayesian Theism, Swinburne on the Prior Probability of Theism, Swinburne's Positive Case for Theism, Swinburne's Theodicy, the Future of Inductivism)

4. Post-Deductivism (Deductivism and the Ethics of Belief, The Post-Deductivists on Evil, Plantinga's Reformed Epistemology, Plantinga and Wolterstorff: Christian Philosophy)

5. Recent Work on the Traditional Arguments for God's Existence

About the author

Steven M. Duncan (1954- ) received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Washington in 1987 and has taught at various colleges and universities for the past thirty years; he is currently on the adjunct philosophy faculty at Bellevue Community College. His other publications include A Primer of Modern Virtue Ethics (UPA, 1995) and The Proof of the External World (forthcoming in 2008 from Wipf and Stock).

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Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

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